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Media and Video Production Assignments

Sonnet Video Assignment

For this project, I recited Sonnet V by William Shakespeare, and looked for videos on Videvo that best represent the poem. It was difficult for me to do since I initially struggled to understand the poem and it was unlike any other project I have done. I think the images do a great job at…

The Shoe

For Video Production, my first project was to film someone realizing that their shoe is untied, and fixing it. Instead of using Adobe Premiere Pro, I used iMovie. It was an interesting experience using iMovie since I used to use iMovie for fun, rather than for a class. Overall, I am proud of my first…

StMU News at a Glance with Courtney Peña

While working on my final project, I learned more about media announcing for the news. I improved on my timing and voice because I feel like my podcast/ radio news package is at the appropriate time and does not reveal a monotone voice.

Skillet Enchiladas

Sheila Peña is a mother and a teacher who enjoys cooking. In this video, she shows you how to make Skillet Enchiladas and talks about her experience with cooking.

Natalie’s Robust Fitness Journey

I interviewed Natalie Pena, at our home, on September 17th, 2020 to learn more about her passion for fitness. Not only is she a busy college student, but she makes time in her schedule to exercise in order to maintain her goals.

Get to Know Jose

On August, 27th, 2020, I had the opportunity to interview Jose Pina Bautista, through Zoom, so that I could learn more about him. A couple of interesting facts about Pina Bautista is that he works at McDonald’s, enjoys volunteering at church, and watching videos on YouTube.

Commencing the New Semester

I am glad to be back to school, virtually, because now I can be more productive. I feel like this semester will be unique, but will still benefit me academically. I am excited to create and edit videos since I have a creative mind. When I was younger, I loved to make trailers on iMovie…

My Workspace and Project 1

This is where I will be doing all of my Media Production projects. For Project 1, I will be interviewing Jose J. Pina Bautista and Christa M. Neumann will be interviewing me.

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